Unified Edtech

I remember when I first read “MindStorm” (Papert, 1980). An old book with a futuristic View!… Thank you Papert. It is very sad how slow the educational system adapts technology. Until today a few schools teach code to their students as a mandatory subject. Even though programming means: project-based learning, applied math, creativity, and lifelong learning skills. I see the future of edtech as a unified. Students will master writing code. Different programmable products both hardware and software will emerge.

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What is the right LMS for your school?

What is the right LMS for your school? Schools have been struggling in selecting a proper Learning Management System (LMS). The different LMS providers focus on the benefits and features. Most of the time the information is too generic or vague. If you watch a video it will only show you how happy people are with the product. Today I want to share my experience on how to choose a proper LMS for your school.   The team responsible for

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