How we revamped EDaura mobile app

Throughout the 11 months prior to the idea of revamping our mobile app, our team at EDaura has been pushing out more features based on user feedback, and we’ve been talking to our users face-to-face to see what they want and need. We’ve learned who they are, what they do and how they use EDaura. With this in mind, we decided to further enrich the experience of all those who cross paths with EDaura. Since we are a mobile-first platform, we decided to

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Personalized Learning Explained…Really!!!

Personalized learning is a hot topic these days. Almost everyone in the education industry is talking about how important it is to educate with personalized learning in mind. Yet is personalized learning the same for learners of an early age K-12 when compared to College and post-graduate students? Is it designed to deliver the same topic to the classroom yet different methods per learner according to her/his needs or learning style? Or is it different topics to the same classroom

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