Simple Yet Effective Tips to Increase Learners’ Engagement Inside The Classroom

It is always a challenge for educators to improve learners’ engagement inside their classrooms. Educators try to motivate learners by changing the environment and making it dynamic and flexible to encourage collaboration and project-based learning. It is also a good idea to give more time for learning and less for teaching. After all, we need learners to reflect on their learning and to construct their own knowledge. Yet we found Nicholas Provenzano’s article “4 Practices for Increasing Student Engagement” a simple

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Unified Edtech

I remember when I first read “MindStorm” (Papert, 1980). An old book with a futuristic View!… Thank you Papert. It is very sad how slow the educational system adapts technology. Until today a few schools teach code to their students as a mandatory subject. Even though programming means: project-based learning, applied math, creativity, and lifelong learning skills. I see the future of edtech as a unified. Students will master writing code. Different programmable products both hardware and software will emerge.

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EDaura secures a deal with UNRWA

In the near future, technology is widely expected to revolutionize classrooms worldwide, providing teachers and students with powerful e-learning tools. But students can’t ‘e-learn’ if teachers can’t ‘e-teach’. That was the thinking behind the ed-tech startup EDaura, which in the first week of February 2016 launched an education software platform designed to give teachers a simpler and intuitive e-learning system. “We feel that this app is designed by teachers for teachers,” says Muneer Saifi, one of EDaura’s founders. And after finalizing a

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Social Media & the Classroom

Throughout the many years I spent working with ed-tech passionate teachers I learned a great deal on the best ways for utilising social media in the classroom. Teachers use of social media varies depending on the teacher’s level of comfort in sharing personal details with students. It also depends on the students’ age group & school’s culture. Teachers understand the importance of connecting with their students on social media. After all this is the space where students spend most of

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