Unified Edtech

I remember when I first read “MindStorm” (Papert, 1980). An old book with a futuristic View!… Thank you Papert. It is very sad how slow the educational system adapts technology. Until today a few schools teach code to their students as a mandatory subject. Even though programming means: project-based learning, applied math, creativity, and lifelong learning skills. I see the future of edtech as a unified. Students will master writing code. Different programmable products both hardware and software will emerge.

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5 steps for effective blended learning

5 steps for effective blended learning There is no clear agreement on the definition of Blended Learning. Yet to make things simple, Blended Learning is the use of different means of information delivery to learners. An example can be; youtube, webpages, LMS, games…etc. There are many advantages for Blended Learning. Students can access information anytime & anywhere. They can absorb the information at their own pace. in Blended Learning students can interact with the content in different ways, they can

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